What Are 7 Common Interview Questions And Answers?

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In this article, you will learn what are 7 common interview questions and answers. We want you to become confident and get an insight into it. There are a lot of candidates who struggle to deal with these situations. Especially they sometimes struggle to answer these questions. Compared to traditional interviews, Nowadays interviews are more progressive. Although, once you have acquired the pattern of it, you can easily get ahold of it. Interviews are an important part of your career. Especially if you are an individual who plans to start a career. There are so many articles and resources out there. But most of them are not that reliable. That is why Resume Format is going to make your life so much easier. Let us guide you through this journey. As an organization that wants to help candidates, it is our main priority.

Following interview questions can vary depending on the situation. And also it can vary depending on the field. However, rest assured that these are very common questions. Unlike other websites, we give the answers as well. So let’s dive in and see the wonderful world of interviews. First, you have to understand that these questions in dept. Especially make sure you get the meaning behind it. Some of the following questions do not have direct answers. Therefore it is vital to read the interviewer’s tone and the way of asking. And also, make sure to keep in mind that rhetorical question needs no answers. But rather honest facial expressions. Also, we will give the answer to what are 7 common interview questions and answers.

What Are 7 Common Interview Questions And Answers

1st Most common question and answer

  • Tell us about yourself

This is one of the most common questions in an interview. Usually, this question is asked at the beginning. To get a better understanding of the candidate. In the article what are 7 common interview questions and answers, you will learn more in dept. So when the interviewer asks this question, there are few ways to answer it. First give a brief introduction about yourself. Including name, age and living area. Living area can be important. Especially if it is related to the company location and all. Make sure to let them know that you have facilitated your transportation to come to work. Likewise just talk about yourself and what you are currently doing. Whether you are studying or just got out of a job so and so.

2nd Most common question and answer

  • What is your greatest strength and weakness?

When it comes to what are 7 common interview questions and answers, this is one of the most asked. Especially in a corporate work setting. This question asks to know about character traits and personality. Especially this question’s answer helps to determine your way of thinking and innate qualities. And also this question can vary depending on the occasion. Nowadays this question is not that simple to answer. You have to be more creative when you are answering. However, the way people ask this question can also be different. Mostly they would ask you to describe a situation where you use your greatest strength to overcome issues. And also how your biggest weakness came as an obstacle to achieving your goals. People often try to be biased. And they end up giving made-up or fabricated answers which are not sincere.

what are 7 common interview questions and answers

But also it is not the best thing to emphasize your biggest weakness. Try to highlight your strengths with a conceptualized answer. And also try not to be overly descriptive about your weakness. Try to come up with an honest answer which does not necessarily jeopardize the job position you are applying.

3rd Most common question and answer

  • Do you believe that you have the X and Y skills to perform the job?

This question needs a specific and enthusiastic answer often time. You have to make sure that you have the necessary skills and abilities to perform the applied job. Also, make sure that your answer is not too over the top. Just try to be honest and highlight your skills creatively. The interviewers always expect a positive answer for this. Especially if you have managed to impress them without overcompensating, you win. Be sure to practice properly and evaluate your given skills and abilities before going into the interview.

4th Most Common question and answer

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

When it comes to the what are 7 common interview questions and answers, this is a must. Interviewers ask this question to make sure that you are talented and ambitious. But try not to be overly ambitious. Present yourself as humble as possible. The basic answer to this question is to tell that you want to achieve some position. And make sure to mention that you are planning to achieve it right at the prospective workplace. Otherwise, it would put them off. Especially it could misinterpret the whole situation and end up rejecting you. So it is quite tricky. But think hard and mix your own ambitions and come up with an answer that fits the situation at the office. Although do not mention that you are thinking of becoming the person’s position in 5 years. Because it can sound quite arrogant.

5th Most common question and answer

  • Clarifications according to a given scenario

In order to answer this question, you have to pay attention to the details. This question can vary and always depends on the particular industry or field. However, your answer should align with the skills you have and what kind of solution you gonna present. This question is asked to evaluate your thinking ability and emotional intelligence. So try to come up with some of your own scenarios. Prior to the interview just go through them and practice them. Maybe you do not get the same scenario however you will be able to be creative and make up the answer on the spot. Nonetheless what are 7 common interview questions and answers article will provide you with the information to win this question.

6th Most common question and answer

  • How much salary do you expect from this job?

This is a very sensitive question. Sometimes this question is not being asked. However, it is good to be prepared for it regardless. In order to answer this question, you also have to prepare well. Do your research in your field and determine the pay grades and the exact amount that the market is supposed to pay. That way it can clear out many issues that can happen. For instance, one could be dishonest and tell that they need X amount of salary. However, if it is not aligned with the market payscale, they probably won’t be getting it. And also end up getting rejected for being overly greedy. Try to be reasonable and see that your skills level and the experience match the salary amount you are requesting.

what are 7 common interview questions and answers

7th Most common question and answer

  • How soon can you start working if you were selected?

What are 7 common interview questions and answers articles always mention this. However, they never explain the most suitable way to answer this question. As easy as it sounds, it is not that simple. For instance, interviewers want you to join right away. But if you give an answer such as ” I will be needing a bit more time or need to give a 3 months notice period” could potentially put off the interview panel. Because if you are not eager to have the job, they would rather hire someone else. Mostly they do not like to wait around for a while to fill the vacancy. So make sure to settle all the previous job issues and documentation before applying for a new job. That way you can avoid these kinds of situations.

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