How to write technology skills for a resume

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Technology skills fall under hard skills and are an important part of a resume or a CV. So it is something you need to put a lot of care into when writing your resume. Because having a good technology skills section can be the difference between getting the job you seek or not. But most new job seekers who are on the search for their first do not know about this part. Therefore to help people who are looking for a job or people who are trying out new opportunities in their own field, we are posting this article to help you write the best technology skills section for a resume.

And that will help you to stand out from your competition and get your dream job. So let’s find out what these technology skills are and why they are important on a resume.

What are technological skills in a resume?

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These are the skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience you have in the relevant field you seek your job. And they can be different for each field as they require different skills. However, having a basic understanding of them can help you write a good technological skills section in a resume for any field you apply to.

Examples of technological skills

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Proficient in MS Office Software like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project, etc.
Proficient in Writing Content for the web and knowledge in WordPress, Yoast, RankMath, etc.
Expertise in HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Frameworks, CMS, etc.
Proficient in Programming Languages like C, C#, C++, Java, ASP.NET, SQL, etc.
Expertise in Graphics Designing Software like PhotoShop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc.

Benefits Of Technological Skill Section

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There are a lot of benefits of having a proper technological skill section in your resume. And that is why it has become a must-have item in any resume template you find. So let’s learn about some of them to help you get a better understanding of this section.

1. Stand Out Among Competition

With a detailed technological skills section, you can stand out from your competition in the job opportunity you seek. Because it helps the hirer to identify your skills fast enough since the recruiting process can be a tiring process. So writing technological skills in a resume is an important thing you need to do before you prepare for your job search.

2. Highlights Your Proficiency

If you want to show off your skills and abilities, then this section is the best place to do so. Because you can have all the things that you excel at and state them in this section. So the hirers will have a better understanding of your skill set by reading your resume or CV. Therefore take this as an opportunity to state all the skills that you are proficient in and state them in your technological skill section.

3. Shows Industry-Specific Skills

There are many general technological skills that you might have in your resume. But make sure you pay more attention to showing off the industry-specific skill you have in this section. Because the ones who hire you will be able to know what you have and can offer to the position they recruit. So this is another good chance for you as a person who is looking for a job to stand out from your competition.

4. Shows General Technological Skills

Proficiency in various technological skills can be a huge advantage for your resume. For example, having proficiency in MS Office software like Word and Excel can be good for any position in the job market today. Because they have become a general skill set that any hirer would want from their new employee. So make sure you state all your general skills when writing technological skills in your resume.

5. Good For Job changes As Well

An updated technological skills section could come in handy while changing or seeking new opportunities in the same field as well. Because as a professional you will learn a lot of new stuff when you are doing your job. So you can include them in the technological skills section while always updating it when you have the chance. Because it is always good to carry your experience and expertise onward your career path.

Should You Put Technological Skills On A Cover Letter?

As you know, there is a difference between a resume and a cover letter. But it is important to state your technological skills on both these documents. Since this is a vital part of recruiting process as it shows how proficient you are in your relevant field. Especially in a cover letter where you only send brief and detailed information about yourself. However, make sure you only state industry-specific technological skills on your cover letter as the general ones are not much important here in this document.

Keep in mind that a cover letter is the first thing the hirer or recruiter sees. So make sure you write short and detailed technological skills section on your cover letter that could impress the recruiter. And again this will help you to stand out from your completion and get the job you desire.

Key Notes Regarding Technological Skills On A Resume

In conclusion, the technological skills section for a resume is a must-have section. Because it shows a lot of information that the recruiter seeks from their new hires. So make sure to prepare a good resume with accurate information on your proficiencies.

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