Cover Letters for Resume: Top 7 Things to Avoid

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Are you struggling to find a better job? After all, gaining a life with economic freedom is a dream of everyone. This is not something difficult to have if you land a perfect job that suits you perfectly. Moreover, just like you expect, other competitors also doing their best to be noticed and get hired. However, simply with only a resume, you cannot surpass others and pave the path for your dream job. So, having an ideal cover letter is one of the best ways to find the desired job. Well, here comes the tricky part. You have to be wary of a few things when preparing cover letters for resume.

So, to wrap it up, there are some things you should not avoid adding to your cover letter. Rest assured, as we are gonna give you a heads-up to figure out what to avoid. Well, in this way you are gonna equip yourself better the next time and it won’t stand in the way of your next interview. And the best part is when preparing cover letters for resume, if you construct one perfectly, it will convince your employer to hire you from the pool of participants. So, there is less possibility to mess up your interview because of a poor cover letter. Let us find out these things that you should avoid at all costs. Do not forget to remove them asap if you already have them.

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Why bother to have a cover letter in the first place?

Once you start your job hunting, you have to sort the companies you prefer based on your career path. Right after you will start applying for the jobs and send out your resume to them. You may have already seen that most companies say that the cover letter is an optional one. Are you wondering whether to send them a cover letter or not? Before answering the question, let us take a closer look at the facts.

According to statistics, 48% of larger tech corporations require cover letters along with a resume. Did you forget to attach one in the last company? Well, you can attach one the next time to have better luck. Going back to the facts, unfortunately, about 45% of job seekers refrain from attaching one. If you are also in this category, it is better to attach one, even though the recruiters say it is optional. Well, going back to our original question, it is better to avoid anything that may place you at a disadvantage. Plus it is better to be safe than be sorry is not it. Now let us find out the dos and don’ts when constructing cover letters for resume.

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Avoid these when preparing cover letters for resume

  • Do not clone your resume

Well, you already mention a lot of details in your resume. And, this is why you do not have to repeat them again in your cover letter. The reason is your recruiter already has a copy of your resume in his or her hand. Well going back to the facts, this is true as 41% of cover letters tend to mimic the exact same thing in the resume. Did you do the same thing?

  • Extend the details

This is quite a common mistake that can be seen in most cover letters. Typically the appropriate word amount of the cover letter is between 200 and 300. This is more than enough. Well, unknowingly people have a strong desire to fill their entire details and construct lengthy cover letters.

  • Bad formatting

Another mistake that you should avoid is bad formatting. Based on studies 26% of cover letters tend to follow this mistake in their overall formatting. Imagine that you put too many past job experiences. Since there is too many things to read, surely it will put your recruiter in a difficult situation. Thus, it is better to check the formatting of the cover letters right away prior to sending them along with your resume.

  • Keep into your boundaries

As a starter, you have to stick to the boundaries when you are addressing the cover letter to a specific recruiter. For instance, it is not recommended to address in a casual tone like “hello Mr. John”. And, you cannot be too formal either. So, it is better not to go overboard and play it safe. For instance, you can refer to them as “dear hiring manager” and play it safe.

  • Stick into details

Your recruiter does not want to know why you were fired from your previous job or why you have to move to another city. In short, the recruiter or the HR manager is only interested to find out the current situation. These unnecessary things may put them off and mess up your opportunity to land a perfect job. Thus, it is better to stick into the necessary information.

  • Follow instructions

In some cases, recruiters not only request a cover letter, but they specify what to include in the cover letter. Sometimes if you did not go through the entire job description, you may be not aware of this. So, do not overlook the recruiters’ requests and make sure to stick to them all the time to make a good impression.

  • Interest on company

As the cover letter is a means to showcase your potential and abilities, do not waste it emphasizing how much you like the company. Instead, you can mention how you will help the company to grow after you join. In addition, since there is huge competition for your desired job, it is better not to go overboard, so you’ll have better chances to find the job you preferred.

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